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Unbelievable 8 Bit Furniture Line

Ask about a payment plan for the holidays through paypal for the more pricey bigger bundles.

My pieces sold out at the awsome 8 BIT ART SHOW brought to you by http://familyaffairdenver.com Denver's premier men's streetwear boutique.

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piranha plant lamp

pixelartstudios.net My  8 bit furniture line will be discontinued this month we are still taking orders for a limited time only: NES coffee table with 2 outlets and 2 usb ports for the controller slots, 2 huge game cartridge end tables(pick which games you want your end tables to be based on), and 2 giant NES controller coasters or 100% playable huge controllers are available. You will be able to play all the favorite 8 and16 bit games you have stuffed in your garage with systems mounted inside this table. Play all NES and SNES games. . I have 6 sets available 1450.00 with shipping I will throw in two 18" x 18" wall art characters - your choice - if you order the furniture set! see more on the big news page

Build awesome action themes with all your favorite classic characters. Each piece is hand crafted, hand stained and clear coated with a beautiful shine. Sizes range from 16" to 52" tall. HUGE! Ask about overseas shipping.

Huge characters.16" x 16" is the smallest.

      Pause musicand play video

Choose your wood from oak, maple, cherry. Beautiful stained wood grain. High glossed custom finish makes each piece a little different.

Custom orders available. Just contact us on our contact page.

King Koopa aka Bowser stands over 36 inches tall!

Tell us what you like and we'll try to set up a great package deal.

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    I am currently seeking a sponsorship to help with these classic video game expos and conventions. Any info or leads are welcome. Thanks!